The world engine of knowledge. What is GOLDEN?

Golden is a unique blockchain project created specifically for Web3 users. This is a huge knowledge base that has similar features to Wikipedia and the Crunchbase database, but only at first glance. In fact, this is a unique promising project that can change the perception of the entire Internet community about the search and storage of information. After all, in the future it may become the largest library with a huge number of articles from all that once existed.

The project was created in 2019 and is still being improved, but you can register on the platform today. Golden offers users a convenient, intuitive interface and a large number of guides for working with databases that can be created and made public or private with its help. This solution makes the project universal: it will suit both lovers of reading informative articles before going to bed, and entrepreneurs who are looking for reliable information about partners or want to keep their intellectual property in a safe place.

Advantages of Golden

The blockchain project was conceived as an authoritative and unbiased source of accurate information. It solves one of the main problems of Wikipedia: some subjectivity of descriptions in some of its articles. Thanks to the consensus protocol, which allows you to publish only texts with reliable information, Golden becomes a decentralized and completely unbiased repository of information about everything from cooking to the history of space exploration.

At the same time, Golden is much better suited for corporate use than any other databases. Each piece of information in it is an NFT and is protected by an internal security system both from unauthorized changes and from viewing by unauthorized users. Any information on the Golden platform can be made available only to a certain circle of people: a group of friends or employees of the company. This makes the service even more flexible and convenient.

For whom Golden was created

All such projects that existed before were aimed at one or another audience. For example, Wikipedia contains general information about phenomena that are interesting to most people. Her average article contains fundamental information and links to other sources in which you can learn more about the subject of research. But most of the articles do not give a complete picture, and not all people can use information from Wikipedia for work. If an entrepreneur needs to request information about a partner company, he will not be able to find its legal address and details in Wikipedia. To do this, he will need another source.

Golden is a much more versatile platform. This resource is suitable for several categories of people at once:

  • Students, schoolchildren and employees who want to develop in the profession.
  • Fans of reading something online for self-development.
  • Representatives of companies who want to organize the work of employees and the exchange of data in a secure space.
  • Application developers and website creators who need integration with reliable databases.

The website can satisfy their need for up-to-date, reliable and objective information. Moreover, thanks to a set of convenient tools, they can themselves share interesting facts with the world or tell colleagues about the nuances of the project to be implemented.

Golden Features

Golden Research Engine. The project is needed not only for storing information, but also for its quick search. After all, the knowledge base becomes useless if the desired article cannot be found in it. Thanks to the use of modern technologies, the service guarantees high accuracy and speed of search. It is enough to drive in a few keywords so that the Golden website shows really useful results for the user, whether it is the rules of etiquette or the details of one of the largest companies in the world. This, according to the developers of the project, should be the search for information in Web3: simple, effective and convenient.

Triples. In order for the article to have the right to exist, it is necessary to highlight three key points that are described in it. For example, if we are talking about a historical event, then it can be the place of action, the incident itself and the name of a key participant. The triples are NFT and are carefully moderated by artificial intelligence, which verifies the information from them for reliability. If the article contains information that does not correspond to reality, or the text conveys the subjective opinion of the author, he will be refused publication. This approach allows you to save only really useful articles.

Effective consensus. In order for only reliable information to get into the columns, it needs to be carefully filtered. Each user can create and send triplets for verification, and if they are accepted, they will receive tokens and rewards for this. Validators determine whether to accept the article, whether it is reliable and whether it fully reveals the essence of the described phenomenon or object. The protocol simultaneously encourages the creation of new pages with information and protects them from users who place false information in the columns.

The ability to create a team mind. Some information is convenient to use together. This may be some technical data or information about customers, partners and investors. So that they are always safe, but accessible to a certain circle of people, you can create links between several accounts and not send links to each colleague, but open access to a full-fledged data warehouse and simply add new triples there as needed.

Earning opportunities on the Golden platform

To create new knowledge bases, you need to own tokens. They give the right to dispose of information at their discretion: share it with someone or save it for personal or corporate use. You can earn tokens by adding information that has already been requested by other users. This is convenient for both sides: bonuses can be spent on improving your personal library, and any information that is not yet available on Golden can be obtained after a request.

Validators are also rewarded for their work, because their task is to evaluate the quality of articles impartially and determine which of them can be published by rewarding the author. The validator is not required to have a good understanding of the issue under study, because artificial intelligence checks the authenticity of the texts. He just needs to make sure that the quality of the article really meets the rather strict criteria of the service.

It is not yet known what kind of remuneration validators and creators of articles will receive. But it will definitely have value if the service continues to develop systematically. After all, this project is really important for the crypto community and Web3 is necessary. This is one of the universal, user-friendly and multifunctional platforms with a great future. Golden developers have taken on an important mission: to make reliable, verified information available to people around the world. I want to believe that soon millions of Internet users will know about the project, who will take an active part in its development and help create a free and safe space for work, education and enlightenment.

More information about the project can be found from the Whitepaper. But while the document is under development, and users can explore the site, including the “quick start” section. It contains all the important information about the project: from the nuances of creating articles to techniques for faster search of the necessary information on the platform. After studying it, users can get a general idea of Golden and decide whether they want to earn money using the site or use it as a secure repository of personal or corporate data.




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